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Akron, Ohio Jewelry Store
55 Ghent Road
Fairlawn, OH 44333

Columbus Ohio Jewelry Store
6365 Perimeter Drive
Dublin, OH 43016
614 336-4111

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Custom Jewelry is Our Passion!
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Over 80 years in business, four generations of jewelers, Akron and Columbus' custom jewelry experts, blah, blah, blah…

Sure we’re all that, but we’re so much more!
We're the experts in custom jewelry designs!

Designing jewelry with our Computer Aided Design, or CAD, process is different from anything you’ve ever done before. You make an appointment with the jewelry designer, bring in your old jewelry or even just a jewelry idea, and we make it happen. Easy Peasy.  Scott's Custom Jewelers use computers and highly skilled jewelry design staffers (there’s five of us now) to make your new fine custom jewelry. It’s not a jewelry catalog of designs. It's really the only place to get handcrafted rings, custom pendants, custom earrings or whatever!

So, why use us instead of the other guys? Because ...
  1. We've been making custom jewelry longer than anyone else (10 years now);
  2. It costs a whole lot less because we do it all in house;
  3. You get to see 3-D pictures of the custom jewelry design before it's even made (and make changes at no charge!);
  4. You can try on an actual model of the piece made by our 3D printer;
  5. You won't find an attitude here - we actually like to restyle jewelry! And most important, it's really, really fun!
Learn more about our (CAD) custom jewelry design process
A beautiful custom cut blue topaz pendant is artfully displayed in this custom pendant.  The white gold frame is a mix of textures - roping, high polished and sandblasted.  The result?  A unique, stunning masterpiece!


Scott and Beth Cevasco -The Leaders in Custom Jewelry Design!

Scott and Beth Cevasco, opened their first fine jewelry store in Akron, Ohio over 13 years ago. And it was a typical jewelry store. They sold diamond earrings. And engagement rings. And sapphire necklaces. (Yawn)
But Scott saw how the internet was changing the way people bought jewelry, (and just about everything else too), and he decided to add high tech jewelry design to his store.
In 2004, Scott invested in CAD or Computer Aided Design, technology. This gave him an edge in custom bridal jewelry and restyling jewelry. In fact, it's made him "the go-to guy" for anyone who wanted something original, unique, or crazy awesome, and at a price no other jewelry store could compete with - big or small! Now they have two custom jewelry stores - in Akron Ohio and Columbus, Ohio, with plans to open even more!
The stores are filled with unique, beautiful jewelry that you won't see at the mall. If you have an idea of what you want (or maybe no idea at all), well, call and make an appointment. And let the fun begin!