Common Jewelry Problems And How To Repair Them

It happens to all of us – you reach into your jewelry box and your favorite chain won’t clasp anymore. Your pup jumps up to give you kisses when he snags his paws on your necklace, snapping it in two. Even worse, you glance down at your wedding ring and notice that a diamond is missing!

After 95 years in the jewelry business, our family has seen it all when it comes to Dublin Ohio jewelry repairs!

No worries! Scott’s state-of-the-art repair shop with three bench jewelers and goldsmiths will help get your jewelry looking like new again in no time!

Types Of Jewelry Repair

It’s not uncommon for jewelry to break, especially if you wear it everyday. Prongs holding gemstones get caught on pockets and cause them to snap, gold chains wear thin and break, and rings can get all bent out of shape simply by gripping that steering wheel too hard during rush hour. We’ve even resurrected jewelry that’s been destroyed by garbage disposables!

Our head goldsmith, Allison, uses state-of-the-art tools to repair jewelry.

But you don’t always need to replace your jewelry when it breaks. A qualified, experienced bench jeweler or goldsmith can make it look like new again. Some of the most common jewelry fixes include:

  • Soldering (it’s like gold welding) chains at the broken area
  • Laser welding repairs on antique jewelry
  • Replacing broken clasps on necklaces or bracelets
  • Re-tipping or re-pronging the worn or broken prongs that hold gemstones
  • Re-shanking the bottom of a thin, worn out ring
  • Reshaping and re-rounding rings that have been bent
  • Replacing missing gemstones in family heirloom jewelry

Why Jewelry Maintenance Is Important

Just like your teeth, you should have the jewelry that you wear everyday inspected every six months by a qualified jeweler. Why? Because jewelry maintenance is less costly than replacing missing gemstones later!

During the inspection, the jeweler will clean your pieces then look at them closely with a small loupe or a microscope. This close up viewing lets the jeweler see any areas that are worn out, bent or even cracked. These small repairs will definitely extend the life of your jewelry and have it looking like new again.

Scott uses a jewelers loupe to inspect jewelry.

It’s important that you visit an experienced jeweler. Many stores have jewelry salespeople, but they may not be qualified to identify a potential problem. We see this all the time at Scott’s: someone will come in with a missing diamond in their wedding ring, and say they just had it cleaned at a mall jewelry store. Sometimes, the dirt is actually the only thing keeping the stone “glued” into the ring, so when you remove the grime, the stone falls out! A seasoned jeweler can identify problems like this right away and fix it.

When Jewelry Can’t Be Repaired Anymore

Over time, gold and platinum in jewelry will eventually wear so thin it doesn’t make sense to repair it anymore. Maybe the bottom of a ring is so thin it keeps breaking, or the prongs that hold the gems in a necklace are worn so much the stone rattles in the setting. But you don’t have to replace those pieces. There’s a solution: restyle it!

Your gemstones have a ton of sentimental value. The diamonds from great-grandma’s wedding band can still be enjoyed for many more generations when you reuse them in a new piece. And with Scott’s state-of-the-art CAD (computer aided design) technology, 3D printers, and staff of jewelry designers, we can tailor-make new jewelry that fits those stones perfectly!

CAD technology is used to custom design customer’s old gems into a new piece of jewelry.

And custom jewelry doesn’t mean expensive. Repurposing gems and recycling old gold not only saves you money, but saves the memories too.

Get Your Favorite Jewelry Repaired In Our Dublin Store!

Need a jeweler? Stop in anytime and let our talented staff work their magic on your broken jewelry! You can find us at 6365 Perimeter Drive, Dublin OH 43016.

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