Engagement Ring Trends In Columbus Ohio

Solitaires, Hidden Halos And More!

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We’ve made a ton of engagement rings over the past 20 years, here in our Columbus Ohio jewelry store. And the trends for 2021 are all about simplicity. Solitaire style engagement rings, small details like hidden halos, infinity symbols and initials, and yellow gold mountings are definitely seeing a comeback!

What Exactly Is A Solitaire?

Once the gold standard (we love a good jewelry pun) in engagement rings, solitaire style means one main gemstone or diamond in the design. While 3 stone rings were super popular in the 2000s because they symbolized the past, present and future, the trend towards one single diamond is on the rise! Set up high in the mounting, longish shapes like ovals, marquise and emerald-cut diamonds are getting a lot of requests lately, but round diamonds are still the best sellers.

Solitaire Engagement Rings Columbus Ohio

Another cool feature of a solitaire engagement ring is the thin band. Many brides are stacking multiple wedding bands next to their solitaires, so a thinner band looks great. BUT, thin isn’t strong, so…

…we’ve figured out a way to keep the look AND make them strong. The secret is in the profile! We make our custom solitaire rings tall, not wide. That attention to detail makes all of the difference on strength. Yep, we’re jewelry engineers over here! The ring still looks thin and delicate, but won’t bend under pressure (or under steering wheels in Columbus traffic!)

Tell Me About Hidden Halos!

Ahh – we do love secrets!

Hidden Halo engagement ring trends

A hidden halo is a simple circle of diamonds at the base of the main stone – not circling the edge, but rather circling the bottom. You don’t see the diamonds from the top of the ring, but that profile – it’s amazing! Think of it more as a tiara, not a crown, for your diamond. Hidden halos are very classy, and are great for an engagement ring that sits up high.




Infinity Symbols, Initials And More – Personalizing That Ring!

A lot of people want to include something special on their engagement rings, and that side profile on the ring has a sweet spot for symbols, initials or pops of color. We’ve used that little window to add infinity symbols, ribbons – heck, we’ve even made a martini glass (complete with a diamond olive) for a couple with the.best.last.name.ever!

initial symbol engagement ring

The profile, or side view, of a custom engagement ring, is also a place where we’ve showcased features that look like a bridge (for the engineer), or interlocking vines (for the arborist). These little details make such a big impact!

bridge design columbus ohio jewelry trends

Yellow Gold Is Having A Moment

For years, the color of the metal in engagement rings was white. Either 14k white gold, or platinum metal. But lately, 14k yellow gold is becoming super popular! Beautiful on pretty much everyone’s skin, yellow gold (and rose gold) made up about half of all of our custom engagement rings this past year.

yellow goldengagement rings columbus

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Still Growing In Popularity!

close up of lab grown diamond engagment rings

We couldn’t end the trends without mentioning the growing popularity of lab grown diamonds. Physically, optically and chemically the same as diamonds mined from the earth, lab grown diamonds have been a great, affordable, ethical, conflict-free option for custom engagement rings at Scott’s. Think of them like tomatoes. Some are grown in a hothouse, and others are grown in a garden. But, lab grown diamonds cost about 50% less than mined diamonds (and who doesn’t want to save 50%). Available in almost every size and cut, we even use small lab diamonds in our bands too!

Columbus is a hot spot for innovation (which is why we started our store here over 10 years ago), and jewelry trends here always cutting edge! It’s like living in Los Angeles, but affordable 🙂

Whatever your style, you can find or design it at Scott’s!

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