Minimalist Engagement Ring Trends

The Latest Engagement Ring Style: Minimalistic Bands With Simple Stone Settings

Maybe it’s because 2020 was so… extra, but one of the newest engagement ring trends we are seeing is the minimalist look. Simple, thin bands that showcase a magnificent diamond in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And an added plus is that a slimmer ring band emphasizes the beauty and cut of the diamond.

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Elongated Diamonds Accentuate Minimalist Ring Bands

While round diamonds complement traditional engagement rings, the latest trends feature radiant, oval, and marquise-shaped diamonds. This style of diamond on a thin band creates an abstract look that is perfect for petite hands. Take your custom engagement ring to the next level by adding small diamonds to the band in a neat row is a great way to add bling while keeping it simple.

radiant cut lab grown diamond engagement ring columbus ohioyellow gold custom lab grown diamond minimalist engagement ring minimalist marquise shaped custom engagement ring with purple diamonds


Why Modern Brides Love Bezel & Bar Set Engagement Rings

A lot of brides dream about wearing a modern style of engagement ring. Incorporating a bezel or bar set diamond into your custom ring band will surely leave any bride-to-be flaunting her engagement ring whenever she can. Usually, a modern, yet minimalist band only features a center stone. If a bride tends to wear gloves at work, our jewlers suggest this a bezel-style ring with a bar setting (a diamond set without little prongs) because it doesn’t snag.

minimalist engagement ring with bezel style setting minimalist engagement ring with white gold bezel style settingminimalist engagement ring with bar set band

Simple Engagement Rings Let You Get Creative With Wedding Bands

Simple is lovely. A minimal engagement ring looks amazing with literally any style of wedding band. In fact, a lot of brides stack multiple bands against these sleek designs. And there are no rules about matching gold colors either. Yellow, white, rose – mix them all up! Adding a contrasting anniversary band, or even a band for each child is a great way to enjoy significant events – all on one finger.

yellow and white gold minimal wedding bands on ring finger yellow gold wedding bands with minimalist engagement ring wedding band options for minimalist engagement ring

Thin Ring Bands Are Delicate But Durable

Thin engagement ring bands may be pretty, but too thin is a problem. I mean, no one wants their wedding ring to break before their one-year anniversary! Many minimalist-looking engagement rings found online are not meant to be worn every day. So, with our custom engagement ring design process, we came up with some jewelry “engineering” to make a ring appear thin, but still be strong enough for everyday wear. The secret is not the width of the band, but the depth.

white gold minimalist engagement ring with thin band custom white gold engagement ring with thin bandcustom minimalist diamond engagement ring with thin band

Looking for a gorgeous minimalist engagement ring band that will be both strong AND beautiful? Stop in our Dublin, Ohio store or give us a call at 614 336-4111 to schedule your custom jewelry appointment today.

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