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Scott’s family has been creating jewelry stories for more than 90 years. And, over time, we’ve realized a few important things about what people really want from their custom jewelry.

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We Focus on Our Customers’ Priorities

Here’s what we’ve found

People want options. They want an experience that is tailored to them, and they want an ​affordable​ product that not only speaks to them, but will also last for generations. And they want to be as green as possible – reusing gemstones, using lab-grown diamonds, recycling gold – it all is important. Saving the environment also saves you money AND lets you keep the memories!

You get all of that and more throughout our custom jewelry design​ process!


CAD Drawing


3d Picture


3d Model


Finished Piece

Our Custom Jewelry Design Process: From Start To Finish In As Little As 2 Weeks!

Trudging through an endless sea of wedding catalogs and inventory pieces is frustrating and uninspiring.

You’re here because you want something original. Bespoke. And maybe also pull in a TON of Instagram likes – it’s OK to be proud of what you’ve got! Or you want to use family gems in your piece (awesome – a story AND even more affordable!).

But, if you can’t make it into our Dublin, Ohio custom jewelry store for an in-person jewelry design session, no sweat. Give us a call and we can do this by other technology too.

Schedule the Initial Consultation
Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want
Show Us What You've Already Got
We Design the Initial, Three-Dimensional Design
Next, We Make Your 3D Printed Model
You Approve Or Modify That Design
We Bring it to Life!
Show Off Your One-of-a-Kind Custom Piece

Serving Everyone Everywhere from Our Dublin, Ohio Headquarters

Though our store is located in the Columbus, Ohio area, anyone with a smartphone can take advantage of our custom jewelry services. If your schedule makes it a challenge to visit our brick-and-mortar store – or if you live in California and can’t just up and fly across the country on a dime – no worries! You can complete the process through technology too.

Bring Your Dream Jewelry to Life

Have additional questions about our custom design process or how we use digital communications to bring your dream jewelry to life?

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