It All Starts with an Idea


We start every design with a conversation, pictures and a pencil. It’s an easy and fun way to find out what you like, what you want, and how much it will cost.

Not sure what you want? No sweat – we’ve got literally thousands of ideas we can show you!

And, with every FREE jewelry design consultation, you can expect:

Gemstone and metal information, multiple design ideas, and advise from a jewelry designer… not just a salesperson.
Help in selecting the perfect gemstones or reusing gems you already own.
An accurate estimate of the completed project cost.
A fun and stress-free experience… We want to hear a “OH WOW!” when you see your finished piece of custom jewelry!

Now let’s talk details!


After our conversation, we’ll send you actual pictures of your new custom jewelry that we make using our cool CAD (computer aided design) technology. You’ll see views from several angles, and can check out the details and the curves! You can then either approve the design, or make changes (at no extra cost, btw).

Next, we’ll have you try on a true-to-size and color model of the jewelry created from our 3D printers. We’ll even “set” gemstones in the model so you get a real idea of the finished piece of jewelry. And if you then need to make changes – again – no big deal, and no extra cost!

Our goal is to eliminate any surprises. All we want to hear is enthusiastic OMGs!!! when you see your finished custom jewelry design!

Watch it come to life!


Once we’ve looked at pictures, tried on models and made any changes, the fun starts!

We’ll cast your new custom jewelry right here in our Dublin, Ohio store using 100% recycled gold. Then, we’ll start setting gemstones.

Even with all of our technology, we still use many of the same tools and techniques that Grandpa used over 90 years ago, when he started.

The finished jewelry will be polished and inspected, then it’s ready for you to enjoy! Our biggest joy is watching your reaction to the new creation – we LOVE that part of our job!

We’ve been making beautiful custom jewelry for four generations now.


Scott graduated from The University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in business marketing degree, while Beth has a Bachelor of Science in advertising from Kent State University. Scott also has degrees in jewelry repair, stone setting, gemology and Computer Aided Design (CAD). He’s been learning about making jewelry his whole life!


After working for “the family business” in the Akron area for many years, the couple opened their own custom jewelry store in 2000. But they were not your typical “mom and pop” jewelry store. They wanted their jewelry to tell a story, so they decided to focus their business on creating unique, high quality, handmade jewelry and help their customers do the same.

And because he’s kind of a nerd (but in a good way), Scott researched the industry and saw that Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology and 3D Printing, was the future of retail jewelry, so he added them to his store nearly 15 years ago. In fact, he was one of the first to use CAD in Ohio!

As their six children grew and went to college (five are Buckeyes, one’s a Golden Flash!), Scott and Beth saw a unique opportunity in the Columbus market for their company. So, in 2010, they opened a second Scott’s in Dublin, and eventually relocated the company to central Ohio.

“I believe the future of jewelry is changing,” said Scott. “The new generation of customers want individualized, unique custom jewelry, not mass produced, boring stuff. They also want quality and are very into technology, so using CAD and a 3D printer to build their jewelry designs is a perfect match.”

In addition to designing custom jewelry, Scott’s Custom Jewelers also is an expert in  jewelry repairs and restoration, including ring sizing, re-tipping prongs and chain repairs.

Their attention to detail and quality, plus their dedication to technology, has made Scott’s Custom Jewelers a destination for unique jewelry for over 90 years.