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Want to create something unforgettable from the comfort of your home? No problem. We’ve been creating custom jewelry online and virtually, by video call, phone and email for years!

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Custom Jewelry Design Online:

Bringing Our Process To You, No Matter Where You Are!

Can’t make it into our Dublin, Ohio jewelry store? We can bring whatever you want to life, virtually!

From custom engagement rings using either lab grown diamonds or mined diamonds, to restyling your current wedding ring into a new, updated design – or any other piece of jewelry you have in mind, we can make all of this happen by using the most popular online technologies: FaceTime, Skype, Zoom – whatever works best for your virtual jewelry design.

And if you want to use family gems in your piece (this makes for an incredible story AND makes everything even more affordable) we’re here for it!

We’ve got plenty of ways to do face-to-face designing in the comfort of your living room – and these are the steps to get you there!


Contact Us & Give Us The Preview

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Free Virtual Consultation

We want to meet you to truly understand what you’re looking for, so let’s talk screen-to-screen and get all the details. At this time, we can give you an accurate estimate on costs and delivery times, and answer any questions you may have. This is when most folks choose to move forward with the process! And if you have gemstones you’d like to use in your new jewelry, you can drop them off either in person or via a pre-addressed, insured mailing kit that we’ll send you.


It’s Design Time

This is where the real fun begins! We’ll start working to create your custom jewelry using CAD (computer-aided design) technology and 3D printers. Then, we’ll email you actual high-definition photos of the new pieces. If you have any changes or want to see other options, it’s no problem (and it doesn’t cost extra, either). We want this to be everything you dreamed of and more!

Once we’ve finalized the photos, we’ll make a real, life-sized, 3D-printed model of your new piece and send it to you to try on. We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer an actual “try before you buy” experience for custom jewelry. And again, if you have changes after this process, it’s no big deal.


We’re So Excited to Work With You (Virtually)

After all the changes have been approved, we’ll get down to business, casting, setting stones and polishing up your new jewelry, here in our Dublin, OH store. Yep. Everything we make is made by us, here in the USA. When all is finished, you can either pick up your new custom jewelry in person at our Columbus area jewelry store or we’ll ship it to you, insured, for overnight delivery.

Need some Jewelspiration

Have additional questions about our virtual jewelry design process? Ready to schedule your one-on-one digital appointment with our experienced designers? Let’s get started today!

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