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With state-of-the-art, jewelry repair equipment (Scott loves his tools), plus jewelers and goldsmiths with more than 45 years of combined experience, not only can we make beautiful custom jewelry, we can fix it, too.

The Jewelry Repair Services We Offer

We provide a huge variety of repair services for our customers, working with all different types of jewelry. Our on-site jewelry repair shop will have you wearing your pieces again in no time at all! The Columbus, Ohio jewelry repair services we offer include:

Ring Sizing
Prong Re-tipping & Rebuilding
Chain Soldering & Repairs
Gemstone Tightening
Bracelet Repairs
Polish & Rhodium Refinishing
Watch Batteries
Watch Band Adjustments
Jewelry Restoration

jewelry repair columbus ohioBroken jewelry? We can fix it!

Nothing lasts forever, especially if you wear it everyday. At Scott’s Custom Jewelers, we know repairing and restoring jewelry to its original condition requires a lot of skill, experience, and honesty.

We have 3 jewelers/goldsmiths on staff who can take on even the most challenging jewelry repairs. Contact us for a quote today!

Four Things To Look For When Getting Jewelry Repaired

It’s inevitable, if you wear your jewelry everyday, you’re bound to need a repair.

Some repairs are easy, but many times, restoring your pieces to their original form will require the talents of an experienced jeweler and goldsmith.

Finding the right jewelry store to fix your pieces is the key to a good repair. Here is what to look for when choosing a jeweler.


Make Sure The Repairs Are Done On-Site

We cannot stress this enough. Jewelry should be repaired (and designed) on site.

Not only will it be safer and faster, but being able to talk to the staff who actually is working on repairing your jewelry, eliminates a ton of confusion. Our jewelers can be easily consulted on complicated jobs or restorations, and we all problem solve together, making sure the customer knows what to expect along the way.



Get An Estimate Before The Work Is Done

What it will cost to fix your jewelry shouldn’t be a surprise.

After inspecting and cleaning your piece, an experienced and reputable jeweler will be able to give you a quote on what your repair will cost, as well as a time-frame for when it will be completed.

At Scott’s, we also will give you options of repairs. For instance, if the piece being fixed is only worn occasionally, then the customer may only need to re-tip a few prongs that are worn down, and wait to do the others later.


Make Sure The Jeweler Uses A Microscope

They say the devil is in the details!

Most jewelry is very small so seeing the problem with the naked eye is challenging. We believe that repairing jewelry without a microscope is a recipe for disaster. Cracks and pits in the gold, platinum or silver can be overlooked, little scratches and dents can go unnoticed, and gems can be wiggly.

At Scott’s Custom Jewelers, we love our tools, so we use one of the most advanced microscopes when we repair jewelry.


Bring On The Laser Welder

Again, we love jewelry tools!

While we still use most of the same tools that Scott’s grandpa used back in 1927, we also believe in new technology. Our state-of-the-art laser welder can be used to resize, re-tip and re-prong, and  rebuild metal on fragile jewelry without obvious seams or damage to the piece. Even better, using a laser welder to repair jewelry is more efficient in both time and materials, so repairs are less costly.

Custom Wedding Bands for Engagement Rings

At Scott’s, we specialize in custom fitted wedding bands. With our cool, CAD technology and 3D printer, we can make a band that fits perfectly. Even vintage rings! Call or stop in, and let’s create something beautiful together!

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