Custom Wedding Bands


Need to put a (wedding) ring on it?

We can help you design the perfect custom wedding band.

Do you have a cool, vintage-style engagement ring that needs a curvy wedding band to fit just right? Maybe you want to include the diamonds that you’ve inherited from grandma into your new band?

Or, maybe you’ve never worn jewelry before (most guys) and you have no idea what type of men’s wedding band you want, but it MUST be comfortable. And cool.

No problem. Custom wedding bands are our jam!

How We Custom Design Your Wedding Bands

We’ll use our CAD (computer-aided technology) and 3D printers at our shop in Dublin, OH to custom design a perfect fit! And you’ll be able to see pictures and try on a real-sized model of the wedding band before it’s cast into gold. So, if we need to make any adjustments or changes, it’s no problem at all! AND it’s no extra cost to you.

We Can Do It All – Including Minimalist Wedding Band Designs

Are you just looking for a simple, no-frills wedding band? We can certainly do that to. In fact, simple is “in” now!

From intricate engraved details to basic 14k yellow gold wedding bands, we’ve got something for everyone when it comes to wedding rings.

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