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Custom Rings For Every Love Story

Welcome to the heart of custom engagement ring designs, where dreams become reality. As Columbus, Ohio’s leading jewelry store, we’ve designed thousands of custom engagement rings for couples over the last 23+ years! We know every love story is unique and your proposal calls for a ring that echoes this special chapter.

We also know there are so many options when it comes to creating your engagement ring. But don’t worry, we’ll help you design the ring of your dreams! Schedule your free virtual or in-store consultation today to see our collection of lab diamonds, mined diamonds and colored gemstones, and let’s start designing!

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Affordable. Sustainable. Brilliant.

Custom doesn’t mean your ring has to cost a fortune, it simply means you get what you want! Know that when you design your engagement ring with us, you’re getting the best value on the market. Why? Because we make everything here, in our Dublin, Ohio custom jewelry store. No middle-man! And we’ve got the best prices in the industry. Be it a lab diamond, ethically sourced mined diamond,, or gemstone engagement ring – Scott’s Custom Jewelers can help you craft the perfect ring, at a great price, without sacrificing quality.

Lab Grown Diamonds Rings

Lab diamonds are about 70-80% less expensive than mined diamonds, offering a beautiful, cost efficient and sustainable stone alternative. The high quality lab diamonds we carry are made here in the United States. The labs recreate the natural diamond formation process under controlled environments, presenting an eco-friendly choice without compromising on beauty.

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Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings, available in both mined and lab created varieties, are a great way to add some personality to your custom engagement ring! We can use various precious and semi-precious gems, like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds as the main stone, or add them as accents for a beautiful, pop of color.

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Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold rings are by far the most popular choice for today’s engagement rings and wedding bands. We cast all of our own gold jewelry (using recycled, purified gold), here, in our Dublin store, just like Grandpa did almost 100 years ago! Always a classic, yellow gold looks great on every skin tone too.

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Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings, also called trilogy rings,  feature three, larger gemstones, often diamonds, with the center stone representing the present and the side stones symbolizing the past and future. This style is also a great way to incorporate family diamonds into the engagement ring.

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Hidden Halo Rings

Hidden halo rings have a beautiful secret – a little circle of smaller diamonds or gemstones, hidden just below the center stone. They are often chosen for engagements or statement pieces due to their unique twist on the classic halo design.

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Our family-owned jewelry store offers the largest selection of lab diamonds in Central Ohio. Looking for something else? Share your vision with us! Schedule your visit today for a free consultation with Scott, Beth or Jacob and discover how easy it is to custom design your dream engagement ring.

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