How to Pick The Right Piece Of Jewelry As A Gift

The Good News? Jewelry Always Fits!

jewelry gift ideas 2021

I know – it’s still in the 80s over here, but like it or not, the holidays are fast approaching and Scott’s Custom Jewelers is getting ready! But buying gifts for everyone on your list is hard.

No worries: jewelry always fits, so we’re here to help you pick out just the right piece and make you look like a hero no matter if you’re planning a holiday engagement or picking out something incredible for a younger relative!

The major keys to choosing the right piece of jewelry as a gift? Know your recipient, understand your mission and stay ahead of the recent trends! Does this person value vintage looks, darker vibes or pastel aesthetics? Do they already wear a lot of rings or do they tend to keep it low-key? What is this gift intended to mean? If you can’t find something just right online, don’t be afraid to relay this information to the person behind a physical jewelry store counter! They can help you find something perfect to match the unique energy of your loved one.

Now, let’s look closely at some of the most recent and upcoming trends to help inspire you this season!

Popular Jewelry Gifts

Old shapes, like marquise, emerald and princess cuts, that were considered passé are now making a comeback. And there are so many ways to wear them too!

Simple is still “in”, but with a twist. Like a diamond solitaire necklace using a marquise-shaped stone and set sideways. Or the classic bar-style necklace made up with different shaped gems.

And 14k yellow gold is super hot! From simple hoop style earrings to bracelets, yellow gold looks amazing on every skin color.

Also popular are vibrant gemstones (can you saw Roaring 20s?) and tonal or ombre colors found in opals, ametrine and watermelon tourmaline gems.

Engagement Ring Trends

We’ve seen a boom in engagements this past year. Stay-at-home orders were good for ‘some’ people! So if shopping for an engagement ring is in your future, you need to know the trends. And wow – are they cool!

Vintage Engagement Rings

Old world looks are having a moment and vintage-inspired rings are definitely on the engagement ring radar! Styles range from spikey diamond halos, delicate frame-like centers and mil-grain details.

Some couples are choosing to reuse family diamonds in their rings because they love the idea of their engagement ring having a history. It’s a wonderful way to recycle too.

Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Oh, do we love color over here at Scott’s!

Fun fact – did you know that engagement rings used to be colored gemstones, not diamonds? Especially in Europe. That’s why Princess Diana (and now, Princess Kate) was engaged with a magnificent blue sapphire and diamond ring.

And with the wide assortment of gemstones available, couples can choose any color for a ring that is uniquely theirs.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Gaining in popularity because of its eco-friendly footprint, lab-grown diamonds are definitely on the rise for engagement rings. Available in most shapes, and sizes, lab diamonds come in all grades and quality too. In fact, they are exactly like diamonds mined from the earth optically, chemically and physically. And they typically cost 50% less too (which is why they are gaining in popularity!)

But just like mined diamonds, no two lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same. No worries though – we’ll help you pick out a diamond that fits all of your criteria!

Popular Teen/Tween Jewlery Trends & Gifts

What about the babysitter or your niece? A cute, sterling silver pendant or fun, colored stone earrings are always winner for the teens and tweens!

Chose items based on their personality. Is she quiet? Than a simple silver and diamond pendant or classic silver bangle will be much appreciated. Super outgoing? Go for color with created opal necklaces or vibrant gemstone earrings.

Best of all, sterling silver gifts aren’t expensive, much better than a gift card and one that will be remembered for a long time, too.

Holidays shouldn’t be stressful – at least the gift-giving part 🙂 Stop in or even shop our online store – we’ll help you out!

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